Brick and Block have been established as layers of both brickwork and blockwork for 18 years. In that time they have been a part of many projects throughout Melbourne and its outer lying suburbs.

Their expertise can range from their understanding of the construction of structural walls as per engineers drawing, right through to basic repairs, letter boxes, fences etc. The size of the project has no bearing on their enthusiasm, skill, and professionalism – a core requirement in today’s workplace.

Safety is always a concern within the company, and their impressive record to date is evidence of this. They fully understand the importance of other trades and surrounding environments i.e. neighbours, and implement constant safety checks to benefit all who enter their workplace.

Brick and Block are probably better known throughout the industry by their manufacturers and suppliers, who frequently recommend their services. This is a direct result of many years of commitment and product knowledge often required to produce something different, difficult or unusual. Owner builders also appreciate this awareness, and forward similar recommendations.

As Brick and Block D/C has grown, so too have its services. With the many masonry landscaping products available today they have now created and completed many landscaping projects. Together with their clients they tailor exactly to the surrounding gardens, to better meet the owners own personal requirements and price range. Plants and turf can also be installed, all with the supervision of a qualified nursery person.

Brick and Block will take all the necessary pre-construction time to evaluate a project and its client’s requirements. If you require an evaluation or quote, please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact link above.